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About amahoriwacu Campaign

Amahoriwacu2017 is a campaign by Rwandans and friends of Rwanda for change in 2017. Rwanda has been ruled by a military dictatorship since 1994, with General Paul Kagame at the helm of this regime. In the last two decades, there has been a PR effort like never seen before in Rwanda and the region, to sell the regime to the world as a democratic, peace loving and progressive government, and for most of the 2 decades since 1994, much of the international community and certain key policy makers bought into this narrative. With a backdrop of a genocide in 1994, events that shook the whole world, and an acceptance from the international community of inaction, the ruling regime in Rwanda turned the guilt of the international community into political capital that would result in a government operating with impunity. The RPF regime claiming to have halted the genocide, have gone onto entrenching an authoritarian rule where any dissent and opposition to the regime is equated to an ideology of genocide and terror. With the claim that the RPF and General Paul Kagame were and are the saviors of Rwanda, an understanding has been cultivated in modern day Rwandan society that they therefore hold a monopoly to power, and that this is earned from their salvation of the land and the Rwandan people.


The reality of life in Rwanda is critical and unstable. The RPF regime prides itself on reports of clean streets and economic prosperity, awards and accolades collected by General Kagame around the world as he entrenches himself as the poster-boy for foreign aid success. However, for the majority of the people of Rwanda, the above is a facade – window dressing for a reality that is terrifying for the majority of Rwandans.  In the name of reconciliation, a whole generation of Hutu Rwandan children have been demonised and brainwashed to carry the guilt of those that committed genocide. Many have no access to education and other rights that would advance them in life. Tutsis who stand up and speak against what they see to be a brutal regime that disregards human rights - are threatened and accused of terrorism and treason. Others are exiled and hunted down in foreign lands even to this day. The national army and security forces exists to enforce a reality of fear and oppression, a society where the freedoms of speech and assembly are inexistent, where the media self-sensors against any scrutiny of the government, in order to operate in a country where adhesion to the party line is the only means of self-preservation.  Despite the president’s various speeches abroad on the importance of institutions, the country’s institutions are weak and power is held solely in the hands of a few individuals that govern the country in informal settings.


It is clear that the RPF regime led by General Kagame has no intention to relinquish the power hold it has on the country of Rwanda. Given what evidence shows over the last two decades, these individuals at the helm of this regime will stop at nothing to entrench their rule, and this translates into a continued oppression of the people of Rwanda. The consequences are however further reaching beyond the borders of Rwanda. It is becoming clear to observers of the African Great Lakes region that the Kigali regime is interfering in neighboring Burundi, a situation that is most likely leading to war. It has been documented by the UN and other institutions that Rwanda has played a leading role in the plight of the Democratic Republic of Congo, resulting in millions of innocent lives lost. The regime's attempt in destabilizing Tanzania by threats made by General Kagame, funding of opposing parties, attempted spying and economic sabotage, shows the extent to which Rwanda has become a disruptive force in the region. It is unfortunate that this characterization befalls the people of Rwanda, as the RPF regime in Kigali claims to represent them.


Amahoriwacu campaign was started with the following aims:


  • To make a demand to the regime in Rwanda to halt the attempt to change the constitution, removing presidential term limits, allowing General Paul Kagame another 7 years, and many more. This does not reflect the will of the people.
  •  Make a demand to the regime to allow freedom of speech and political involvement to all Rwandans that want to contribute to the politics and debate on the future of our country.
  • To campaign for the international community to know the reality of what is going on in Rwanda. The RPF regime has enjoyed support from the international community and this support has translated directly into the oppression of the people of Rwanda. If this support is curbed, we hope that this will in-turn translate into freedom and liberty for the people of Rwanda.


We welcome you and all to join our campaign for peace. Amahoriwacu (amahoro iwacu) is a Rwandan phrase meaning “peace at home”. This is all that the people of Rwanda are demanding for. Peace. It is their right and one that they are ready to achieve by all means possible to them.


Support us for peace in Rwanda.


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