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Support Rwandans' camapign for change in Rwanda
Stand up against bullying in Rwanda
Why I campaign for Change in Rwanda 2017

Bayobozi b’amadini, ese muri mwe habuzemo Mikaya?
Campagne “Amahoriwacu2017” turagira ngo tugire icyo twibariza abayobozi b’amadini na Kanoni Antoine Rutayisire. Muri mwe habuzemo Mikaya? Abakirisitu barahita basobanukirwa Mikaya uwo ariwe ariko kuko twifuza ko n’abatari abakirisitu kandi akaba ari abayobozi b’amadini ni byiza ko nabo tubasobanurira muri make ibya Mikaya.

Mu gihe abandi bahanuzi bose bagera kuri magana ane bari bahanuriye abami Ahabu na Yehoshafati ko Nyiribiremwa yabemereye gutera i Ramoti-galeadi hari mu maboko y’umwami w’i Siriya, umuhanuzi Mikaya wenyine niwe wabwije ukuri aba bami bombi n’ubwo umwami Ahabu yari yaramufashe ko atamuhanurira ibyiza. Ahabu yifuzaga ko bamuhanurira ibihwanye n’ibyo yifuza.   Read more...

Rwandans must be allowed to return home and challenge the RPF regime in Rwanda

Peter Mutabaruka

#RwandaDecides2017: An opportunity to end 23 years of Dictatorship and tyranny in Rwanda

Freddy Usabuwera


For the last 23 years, Rwandans have been  living under the Rule of president Paul Kagame and his political party the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) that took power by military force in 1994, the year in which the Rwandan genocide happened.

After they took the power, Kagame and his men kept on killing the population in big numbers and also anyone even foreigners that he thought would be an obstacle to his dictatorial regime. With these actions, Kagame created a climate of fear in the country which enabled him to easily control the population.

By August 1995, just one year after the RPF took power, the coalition government led by Faustin Twagiramungu had already pushed to resignation by Kagame, and most of its Hutu members fled to foreign countries including Twagiramungu himself and some others. By the end of 1998, just 4 years after taking the country militarily, Kagame had already eliminated physically or jailed anyone in the country who would be the voice that could oppose his dictatorship, or denounce human rights abuse by his army or his government.  Journalists, priests, politicians, human rights activists… have been killed in numbers, disappeared or jailed; and some others have already fled the country for fear of death. He had also attacked militarily Rwandan refugee camps which in eastern Congo, where he killed hundred thousand of them. In march 2000, Kagame made his last move of becoming the president of Rwanda by pushing out the then president Pasteur Bizimungu. During Bizimungu’s administration (1994-2000), many believed that he was merely a figurehead, and Kagame held the real power.


Umwanzuro w' ikoraniro ry' Amahoriwacu i Montréal, 
21 Gicurasi 2016

Rwanda: « La révolution verte est en marche » entretien avec Freddy Usabuwera


Publié : le 6 juin 2016 à 20:51 | Par Jambonews | Catégorie: A la uneActualité

Lancée à l’été 2015 par des citoyens et activistes des droits de l’homme rwandais à l’étranger et à l’origine de la grande conférence de Montréal de mai

2016, la campagne « AmahoroIwacu2017 », a désormais pris son envol. « Amahoro Iwacu » signifie en Kinyarwanda : « La paix chez nous », nom symbolisant totalement la volonté et l’objectif que veut atteindre cette campagne... Lisez la suite

Are your taxes funding war?
Montreal, May 2016
Ijambo Amb. Ndagijimana JMV yavugiye mu nama "Amahoriwacu"
Montréal 21/05/2016
Un mesage de Natacha Abingeneye de Jambo asbl au conférence Amahoriwacu 
Montréal 21/05/2016
Together calling for Change in Rwanda 2017
May 2016, Montréal
Ensemble, nous appelons pour le changement au Rwanda 2017
Mai 2016, Montréal
Twese hamwe duharanire impinduka m'u Rwanda muri 2017
Gicurasi 2016, Montréal

Rwandans demand for change in 2017

Peter Mutabaruka, UK

Amahoriwacu Online Conference on the Democratic Void that is in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region.




Peter Mutabaruka, UK

Spokesman for Amahoriwacu 2017 Campaign


Vava Tampa, UK

Founder and CEO of Save the Congo


Anjan Sundaram, UK

Journalist and Author


Marie Lyse Numuhoza, UK

Senoir Human Rights Researcher at Global Campaign for Rwandan's Human Rights


Le Beni Tazira, US

Burundian Analyst


Benedicte Kumbi, Sweden

Human Righst Activist


Didas Gasana, Sweden

Rwandan Journalist


Claude Gatebuke, US

Co-Founder and Execuitve Director of African Great Lakes Action Network


Moderated by:

Rev Dr Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa, US

Freddy Usabuwera, Canada


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