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Ultimatum 2017

We believe that our country's future is dependant on a truly democratic society with strong institutions - not strong men. However, due to the lack of freedoms of the individual and the press, lack of effective political opposition and the oppression of any attempt at the above, we believe that the fabric of our society is being destroyed and we want to address this immediately. We make the following demands of the regime in Kigali and demand that such are met before the scheduled presidential elections of 2017. We believe that the failure to meet these will legitimise the people of Rwanda in rejecting the regime and its institutions. We demand that the regime must:


  • Halt the process to alter the constitution allowing unlimited presidential office terms.

  • Ensure that a candidate to replace President Paul Kagame is found and announced by the rulling party RPF.

  • Give an assurance that other parties, including those in exile can begin the process of registering in Rwanda and submitting candidates WITHOUT restriction from RPF. 

  • Open up the political space to Rwandans of all dispositions to be engaged in the political debate in Rwanda.

  • Release all political prisoners (notably Victoire Ingabire, Deogratias Mushaidi, Theoneste Niyitegeka, and others)

  • Acknowledge that the genocide and massacres in 1994 resulted in victims from all ethnic tribes - Hutus, Tutsis and Twas and therefore allow remembrance of all that lost their lives and mourning for all Rwandans that lost loved ones.

  • Continue to administer justice to all who were culpable in our violent past,  including RPA soldiers and individuals who have to date enjoyed impunity and have not answered for their crimes

  • Make a formal apology to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo for all complicity resulting in massacres of their people, and those responsible brought to justice.

  • Make a declaration assuring Rwandans at home and abroad that all government sponsored retribution against opposition figures will cease.

  • Stop meddling in the domestic affairs of Burundi, DRC and Tanzania by funding proxy insurgencies, making threats, funding political parties and individuals and carrying out extra-judicial assassinations.

  • Allow for all Media houses, including banned foreign-based media to operate freely in Rwanda.

  • Address the culture of Rwandan Media Self-Censorship.

  • Stop harassing Rwandan and foreign journalists, activists and all individuals who criticise the Rwandan regime.

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The regime in Kigali has ignored and rejected the demands that we have outlined in our ULTIMATUM 

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  1. We demanded, along with other opposition voices and the international community, that the regime halt the process to alter the constitution. This demand has been ignored and the constitution has been changed allowing President Paul Kagame to essentially extent his rule to 2034. This was done under the pretence of a democratic process, one that we reject as illegitimate, thus the outcome illegitimate. The RPF and president Kagame have enforced a rule upon the people of Rwanda that they did not ask for nor want.

  2. We demanded that the regime ensure that a candidate to replace President Kagame is found and announced by the RPF. On 31st of December 2015, President Kagame gave a speech to the Rwandan people in which he announced himself not only as a candidate, but as leader of Rwanda post 2017.

  3. We demanded that the regime should stop meddling in the affairs of our neighbouring countries. This has also been ignored. As well us reported meddling is our neigbours foregone elections, the RPF regime is now active in destabilising our neighbour to the south, Burundi. It has become clear that rebels are being trained in Rwanda and sent to Burundi and that Kigali is actively pursuing forced regime change in Burundi. 

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